Preclinical CRO Company

AmplifyBio is a preclinical contract research organization that will advance the quality of human health and save lives by creating next generation platforms, tools, and services to amplify and accelerate the development of therapies and vaccines that will be accessible to millions of people.

AmplifyBio Enters into
Asset Purchase Agreement with PACT Pharma

AmplifyBio adds talent, technology platforms, and discovery and characterization capabilities to close a critical gap that exists between the discovery and preclinical phases of drug development

Molecular and Cellular Assays ● Cell and Protein Engineering
Bioinformatics ● Immunoassays

Establish critical benchmarks of product characterization, optimize efficacy, or troubleshoot unexpected results in our newly acquired facility.

Decades of preclinical CRO experience with broad scientific expertise and capabilities allow us to deliver complex and customized study designs.

Our new 350,000 sq ft facility in Ohio will add platforms and partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of safe, reproducible therapies.

"I'm excited to lead AmplifyBio on a journey from leading preclinical CRO to a truly integrated ecosystem for the commercialization of advanced therapies"
J. Kelly Ganjei CEO
J. Kelly Ganjei