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About AmplifyBio

AmplifyBio Purpose

AmplifyBio will advance the quality of human health and save lives by creating next-generation platforms, tools, and services to amplify and accelerate the development of therapies and vaccines that will be accessible to millions of people.

Safety, Characterization, and Manufacturing Partners

AmplifyBio spun out from Battelle in 2021 as a preclinical CRO with decades of experience designing and delivering in vivo safety, efficacy, and toxicology studies for the preparation of IND packages. Since its launch, AmplifyBio has steadily expanded services to support the discovery, characterization, optimization, and manufacturing of a broader range of drug modalities and become the industry’s preferred advanced therapy development and commercialization partner. Working with AmplifyBio reduces timelines and mitigates risks at every stage by integrating the right expertise, assay technologies, and data solutions. 

Locations and Services


San Francisco California
Discovery Services

Discovery, Optimization, and Characterization

Establish critical benchmarks of product characterization, optimize efficacy, or troubleshoot unexpected results in our newly acquired facility.
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West Jefferson, Ohio
Preclinical CRO Services

Safety, Efficacy, Toxicology

Decades of preclinical CRO experience with broad scientific expertise and capabilities allow us to deliver complex and customized study designs.
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New Albany, Ohio
Advanced Therapy Manufacturing

Manufacturing Enablement Center

Our new 350,000 sq ft facility in Ohio offers customizable manufacturing suites available for multiple modalities, and offered in varied staffing contracts for maximum flexibility
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Amplify Discovery, Optimization and Characterization (ADOC): Highly customizable R&D services in advanced therapy discovery and characterization that are critical to safety and scale-up. Also, manufacturing suites and expertise are available in South San Francisco

  • 46,280 square foot facility
  • Custom R&D services
  • Discovery / AD / QC / PD laboratories
  • Multiple cGMP manufacturing suites
  • Plasmid Manufacturing
  • Full operational and quality support

Amplify Safety, Efficacy and Toxicology (ASET): Headquarters building in West Jefferson, Ohio, on Battelle Campus. It is the location of all preclinical CRO (in vivo) safety studies and has recently been enhanced to include advanced analytics capabilities. 

  • 220,000 square foot facility
  • >65,000 square feet of laboratory space
  • 64 Vivarium Rooms
  • NHPS, Rodent, Dog, Pig/Mini Pig Studies
  • Pathology, histology, and analytics labs
  • Surgical suites for pharmacology and complex dose routes

Amplify Manufacturing Enablement Center– Standalone B- and C-grade suites that can be configured to accommodate any modality and simultaneously produce multiple lots. The manufacturing suites are complemented by quality, process development, and expansive analytics laboratories staffed by experts at AmplifyBio to ensure that clients have access to a development “sandbox” of assay platforms, technologies, and expertise anchored in experienced GMP quality assurance and facility management.

What Clients are Saying

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Partner with the AmplifyBio team if you need a preclinical CRO or commercialization partner for any drug type. 
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