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Preclinical General Toxicology Services

AmplifyBio offers preclinical general toxicology services with strategic input from proof-of-concept studies to GLP-regulated studies. Ensure therapeutic programs are relevant and applicable with guidance and insights from our knowledgeable multidisciplinary team. Our experienced team of toxicologists partners with you throughout the entire process, from study design to completion, offering expert support every step of the way. Contact AmplifyBio to initiate your preclinical toxicology studies

Preclinical Toxicology Studies and Services

AmplifyBio Preclinical Toxicology Services

AmplifyBio offers in vivo preclinical toxicology services with supportive, technical, and strategic input from proof-of-concept studies to advanced GLP regulated studies. Tell us your goals; we will help you design the path.

  • Experts you can access at all times and rely on to assist with study design, species selection, and responsive data management.
  • Make informed decisions early with our bioanalytic lab for characterization and efficacy evaluation using both immunology and molecular testing.
  • In-house surgical suites for more control and reduced quarantine time. Implantation of safety pharmacology monitoring devices, surgical dose routes, bone marrow biopsy.
  • Anatomic and clinical pathology capabilities. ACVP Board certified pathologists in-house including DVM/PhD. Experts in toxicological pathology.
  • Regulatory expertise, GLP and non-GLP studies, pre-IND studies, quality accreditations, INHAND pathology compliance, SEND data sets.

Administration Routes

  • Oral gavage
  • Nasogastric gavage
  • Capsule administration
  • Subcutaneous administration
  • Intramuscular administration
  • Intraperitoneal administration
  • Intraocular administration
  • Ophthalmic/Intravitreal administration
  • Intrathecal administration
  • Therapeutic release depots
    • Transdermal administration
    • Intravenous injection
      • Bolus administration
      • Slow bolus administration
      • Infusion pump administration
    • Inhalation
      • Nose only
      • Whole body
    • Surgical routes of administration
    • Custom routes of administration

    Preclinical Toxicology Resources

    Our experts have cultivated decades of experience as members of the Battelle organization, and since AmplifyBio’s spin-out in 2021, we’ve added to our expertise innovative tools and laboratories to meet commercially focused goals. 

    AmplifyBio Preclinical CRO Services

    Preclinical CRO services play a crucial role in drug development by conducting studies and experiments on potential therapeutics before they advance to clinical trials. AmplifyBio offers a wide-range of preclinical CRO services including:

    AmplifyBio Additional Services

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    As an expert contract research organization (CRO), AmplifyBio leverages decades of experience to create modern commercial drug development solutions. From CRO and preclinical CRO needs to cell and gene therapy and advanced therapy testing, our accredited team designs innovative paths to produce globally recognized studies, services, and more.