AmplifyBio Preclinical
Inhalation Toxicology Testing Services

With a focus on inhalation toxicology and pre-clinical testing and research for some of the world’s most critical needs, Amplifybio provides expertly-crafted solutions to public and private sector clients. We serve these entities with years of experience creating comprehensive study design methods and have the ability to complete whole-body inhalation testing on multiple species. Our solutions are developed by inhalation toxicologists, technologists, and other experts who leverage state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment to complete specialized toxicity testing, acute inhalation research, and more.

Expert Inhalation Toxicology Testing & Related Services

AmplifyBio Preclinical Inhalation Toxicology Testing Services

Standard and customized support is a necessity to treat disease or sickness in the airways of the body. Inhalation pharmaceuticals are developed and instituted to solve those challenges.

Amplifybio leverages decades of expertise in inhalation toxicology studies for pharmaceutical and medication development partners, aerosol safety testing & vapor solutions, industry-leading acute to chronic exposure systems, and many other standard respiratory therapies for humans and animals. We produce an ever-expanding list of inhalation toxicology service capabilities, including:

  • Evaluation of local and systemic events
  • Efficacy testing
  • Multiple exposure options
    • Head only
    • Nose/muzzle only
    • Whole body
  • Studies and solutions for dogs, rodents, and nonhuman primates
  • Use of multiple exposure dispersion matrices
    • Vapors
    • Dry powders
    • Solutions
    • Suspensions

Inhalation Toxicology Resources

Through our internal efforts and through a longstanding partnership with Battelle, Amplifybio has curated a number of thought leadership resources for inhalation toxicology and many other globally utilized services.

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Amplifybio couples dedicated testing and related CRO services for inhaled drugs with a skilled team and access to the latest resources. The combination produces groundbreaking research for specialty products, multi-species exposures, and assessments that can be analyzed for implementation in produces and processes. Talk with us about your individual requirements and work with our specialists to develop an effective analysis.