AmplifyBio Preclinical Oncolytic Virus Therapy Services

Oncolytic viral therapies are among the most promising cancer treatments under development today. These innovative therapies use live, genetically modified viruses to target cancer cells and activate the body’s own immune defenses against the cancer. Oncolytic viruses may be able to deliver more targeted treatments for specific types of cancer with fewer negative side effects than traditional chemotherapies. To accelerate time to market and move promising oncolytic viral therapies through the pipeline, researchers and drug developers need the right nonclinical partner to gather the toxicology and other data they need to prepare for clinical trials.

The Amplify Difference

AmplifyBio Preclinical Oncolytic Virus Therapy Services

AmplifyBio’s staff has been working with viral therapies since 2013, and have established multiple custom rat and mouse tumor models for sponsors.

    • Endpoints: tumor growth delay and inhibition, toxicity, survival
    • Routes of administration: IV, SQ, IP, intra-tumoral



  • Models: mouse, NHP, rat​
  • Collection of urine, feces, swabs; aseptic tissue collection​
  • Assays – qPCR, RT-qPCR, TCID50, ADA, ​infectivity, cytokine analysis, shedding, IHC, ​immunophenotyping, ELISA, transgene expression​



  • Models: mouse, NHP​
  • NHP poliovirus; NHP alphavirus



  • Models: mouse, NHP, rabbit​
  • Full toxicology package – on site clinical pathology, anatomic pathology (board certified veterinary pathologists on site)

Oncolytic Virotherapy Resources

Through our internal efforts and through a longstanding partnership with Battelle, Amplifybio has curated a number of thought leadership resources for oncolytic virotherapy and many other globally utilized services.

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Amplifybio couples dedicated testing and related preclinical CRO services with a skilled team and access to the latest resources. The combination produces groundbreaking research for specialty products, multi-species exposures, and assessments that can be analyzed for implementation in produces and processes. Talk with us about your individual requirements and work with our specialists to develop an effective analysis.