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Preclinical CRO Pathology Services

The effective evaluation of contract research organization (CRO) clinical pathology and CRO anatomic pathology studies is pivotal to determining the safety and efficacy of developing pharmaceutical solutions. Leverage decades of experience in CRO Pathology services from AmplifyBio to receive comprehensive tissue collection and analysis of any study type. We have the ability to begin toxicological, safety, pharmacological, and efficacy studies immediately and can complete several at a time to meet your schedules. We continue to expand and invest in cutting-edge pathology technology and capacity to support you as the leader in commercially-driven studies that meet diverse goal sets.

Pathology Services

AmplifyBio provides a wide range of preclinical CRO services that are built on experience and expertise for an extensive selection of pathological needs. Our professional pathologists can inform stakeholders with pivotal information within preclinical pathology and preclinical studies, pathology for in-vivo studies, and extensive expertise within the two core pathology types.

Capabilities include but are not limited to:

CRO Pathology

  • Dedicated ASCP-certified Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • State-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation
    • Hematology (Advia2120)
    • Clinical Chemistry (Vitros XT 7600)
    • Coagulation (Stago STA Compact Max)
  • Special Analyses
    • Methemoglobin
    • Electrophoresis
    • Hormones

CRO Anatomic Pathology

  • Professional ASCP-certified Histologists (HT)
  • Necropsy-all laboratory species
    • Experience in complex dissection
      • Neuroanatomy
      • Developmental/reproductive
    • Immersion or perfusion fixation
    • Paraffin or plastic processing and embedding
    • Special histochemical stains
    • Cytology, fluid morphologic evaluations
    • Immunohistochemistry study
    • Tissue collection for RNA, DNA, protein, biochemical analyses, etc.

Histology Services

In addition to in-house support of in-vivo studies, AmplifyBio Pathology offers high-throughput histology preparations from submitted fixed wet tissues or blocks. AmplifyBio histology services provide comprehensive and precise examination of biological tissues that enable our researchers to analyze and gain insights into cellular structures and functions. The team has broad experience with complex tissue trimming procedures (including both nervous system and cardiac protocols), and can embed in standard and large cassette sizes. Staining includes:

  • Traditional H&E 
  • Special histochemical staining 
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC),
  • In-situ hybridization (ISH, including RNAScope®),
  • Immunofluorescence (IF), among others. 

Analysis and reporting are performed by ACVP Board-certified pathologists with extensive experience in research protocols. This work is all performed in a GLP-compliant environment, with validated and/or qualified equipment and protocols.

Continued Investment in Pathology Capacity Expansion

The platforms and technologies we utilize to enhance our capabilities continue to grow. Expanding CRO pathology capabilities we are currently investing further into, include:

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Stereology and Morphometry Studies

Developing the gold standard for quantitative assessment of tissue morphometry.

Fluorescent Microscopy

Increasing our capacity for visual localization of compounds and expression variance in client target issues.

Digital Pathology

Unlocking opportunities in image analysis, remote collaboration, and data management.


Accelerating high throughput capacity in a regulated environment to meet client and timeline needs.

And more…

Talk with us about additional services on the horizon and more that we can provide through our collaborative network.

AmplifyBio Preclinical CRO Services

Preclinical CRO services play a crucial role in drug development by conducting studies and experiments on potential therapeutics before they advance to clinical trials. AmplifyBio a offers wide-range of preclinical CRO services including:

AmplifyBio Additional Services

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Learn more about what 75 + years of experience as a CRO pathological provider can do for you. From single studies to expanding capacity areas on the brink of innovation, AmplifyBio delivers flexible, timely pathological study solutions to meet your needs.