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AmplifyBio Streamlines Inhalation Studies with Faster Setups, Automated Analysis

At AmplifyBio, we’re constantly innovating to streamline the process of conducting inhalation studies. By implementing new processes and technologies, we’ve significantly reduced the time and cost associated with these critical research endeavors.

Traditionally, setting up and characterizing inhalation exposure systems could take nearly two months. We’ve strategically built a library of standardized exposure system components, allowing us to rapidly assemble them for each new study. This eliminates the need to start from scratch, significantly reducing setup time and costs. Our improved operational efficiencies allow us to set up and characterize inhalation exposure systems within a month, which translates to faster study starts for clients.

AmplifyBio isn’t just about faster setups; we’re also committed to efficient data analysis. We’ve implemented automated data collection and analysis methods, allowing us to generate high-quality reports in a shorter timeframe. This ensures our clients receive the valuable data they need faster than ever before.

Efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s also about accuracy. AmplifyBio leverages automation to enhance data quality and expedite analysis. We’ve integrated real-time aerosol monitor (RAM) data collection with LabVIEW software. This allows us to gather data from multiple exposure systems simultaneously, ensuring a stable aerosol environment throughout the study. Automated data collection and analysis minimize errors and ensure data integrity, providing clients with high-quality, GLP-compliant data for their studies.

Our focus on streamlined processes, rapid turnaround times, and robust quality control ensures that our clients receive the data they need to confidently advance their research.

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