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Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services

Discovering potential therapies for neurological disorders is a complex and difficult task. AmplifyBio’s team of preclinical neuroscience CRO researchers share a common goal with their clients: finding a cure for the devastating diseases of the central nervous system. From basic research to regulatory approval, AmplifyBio provides current and groundbreaking testing methods, a comprehensive range of neurobehavioral services, and a collaborative approach supporting programs in discovering and developing novel therapies. At AmplifyBio, we can easily incorporate Functional Observational Battery (FOB) assessments into the design of preclinical safety pharmacology and general toxicity studies. Let us know how our neurosciences team can help you achieve your research goals.

Expert Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services

Expert Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services

AmplifyBio’s preclinical neuroscience CRO studies involve high-throughput testing using GLP-compliant and validated equipment with highly trained staff to assess the function and health of the central nervous system. AmplifyBio leverages decades of expertise to provide a thorough understanding of the potential impact of therapeutic interventions on the central nervous system and to identify any potential safety concerns that may need to be addressed before moving to clinical trials. The neurobehavioral phenotyping platforms available include: 

General Behavior & Fine Motor

  • Tier I: Functional Observational Battery (Modified Irwin Test), General activity, Posture, Grip strength, Presence of tremors, Spontaneous activity, Motor activity, Arousal, Body temperature, etc. 
  • Tier II: Grip strength, Open Field Exploratory/Locomotor activity


  • Tier II: Pre-pulse Inhibition/startle

Cognition (Learning and Memory)

  • Tier II: Morris Water Maze


  • Tier II: Rotarod, Digi Gait for gait analysis


  • Tier III: EEG untethered telemetry

Routes of Administration

Invasive Routes

  • Intraparenchymal
  • Intracerebroventricular
  • Intracisterna magna
  • Intrathalamic
  • Intrathecal
  • Spinal subpial

Systemic Routes

  • Intranasal
  • Intravascular
  • Intramuscular
  • Subcutaneous
  • Oral

Preclinical Neurology Resources

Our team of scientists has a long history of thought leadership in neurology, both as AmplifyBio and under the brand Battelle, prior to our spinoff in 2021. We’ve curated a number of resources for preclinical neurology studies as a result of that work.

Neuroscience Flyer

Neuroscience Posters

AmplifyBio Preclinical CRO Services

Preclinical CRO services play a crucial role in drug development by conducting studies and experiments on potential therapeutics before they advance to clinical trials. AmplifyBio offers a wide-range of preclinical CRO services including:

AmplifyBio Additional Services

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AmplifyBio couples dedicated testing and related preclinical CRO services with a skilled team and access to the latest resources and technologies. This combination produces groundbreaking research for specialty products and assessments that can be analyzed for implementation in products and processes. Talk with us about your individual requirements and work with our specialists to develop an effective solution.

Preclinical Neurology FAQs

What types of neurological disorders does AmplifyBio target?

AmplifyBio aims to tackle a broad range of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other conditions affecting the nervous system.

What are some of the key areas of focus within neuroscience at AmplifyBio?

AmplifyBio focuses on various areas within neuroscience, such as neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, synaptic plasticity, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration.

What are the neurobehavioral services offered by AmplifyBio?

Tier I Testing (Functional Observational Battery [FOB] or Modi ied Irwin Test)

Tier I testing provides the initial investigation into potential neurotoxic effects. The FOB assessment utilizes a battery of home cage, handling, open field, reflexes, and physiological tests to screen for potential neurotoxicity.

Tier II Testing

Tier II testing aims to characterize the nature of neurotoxicity seen in Tier I tests by quantifying effects on motor function, sensorimotor function, and cognitive behavior using complex tasks. These include:

  • Locomotor Activity Assessment: Motor Monitor System
  • Sensorimotor Gating: Acoustic Startle System
  • Motor Coordination: Rotarod/Accelarod Units
  • Learning and Memory: Morris Water Maze
  • Anxiety-related Behavior: Elevated Plus Maze

Tier III Testing

Tier III testing helps uncover the mechanisms underlying neurotoxic effects seen in Tier I and Tier II tests.

  • EEG with simultaneous behavioral monitoring capability
  • Special staining for detailed neuro histopathological analysis.
What routes of administration does AmplifyBio use?

Invasive Routes

  • Intraparenchymal​
  • Intracerebroventricular​
  • Intracisterna magna​
  • Intrathalamic
  • Intrathecal​
  • Spinal subpial

Systemic Routes

  • Intranasal
  • Intravascular
  • Intramuscular
  • Subcutaneous
  • Oral
Does AmplifyBio collaborate with external partners or academic institutions?

Yes, AmplifyBio actively collaborates with leading academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners to foster innovation, share knowledge, and accelerate the development of transformative treatments.