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AmplifyBio Gears Up for CGT Aerosol Testing

AmplifyBio recently acquired two Class III biosafety cabinets (BSCIII) to facilitate the evaluation of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) treatments for respiratory diseases in vivo.

Many promising CGT products target respiratory illnesses. Delivering these therapies directly to the lungs via inhalation is a highly efficient and targeted approach. However, ensuring researcher safety during aerosol evaluation requires specialized equipment and rigorous protocols.

Recognizing the potential safety hazards of aerosolized CGT products, AmplifyBio prioritized robust containment measures. Our experience handling hazardous materials informed the strategic acquisition of Class III biosafety cabinets. These cabinets will enable critical inhalation toxicology testing for CGT products while safeguarding personnel and the environment.

The first Class III cabinet, installed last year, provides a solid base for aerosol testing. It facilitates essential evaluations of aerosol generation, delivery, and collection – crucial steps in developing safe and effective CGT therapies for respiratory illnesses.

AmplifyBio has also invested in a large glove box for the second cabinet to accommodate inhalation exposure chambers, allowing for various types of Inhalation studies. This investment in advanced aerosol testing capabilities signifies a significant step forward in developing safe and revolutionary CGT therapies.

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