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AmplifyBio Streamlines CGT Discovery, Safety, and Manufacturing Services with Benchling Cloud

[West Jefferson, Ohio] — AmplifyBio, a leading provider of advanced therapy discovery, safety, and manufacturing services, announces the implementation of Benchling’s cloud-based unified scientific data platform across all service areas. The integration of Benchling further signifies AmplifyBio’s commitment to streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and ultimately accelerating cell and gene therapy development and commercialization for its clients.

Benchling will now serve as AmplifyBio’s centralized data repository for critical discovery and development data. Standardized results tables within the platform will facilitate capturing critical data to minimize errors and inconsistencies often found when using disparate data sources. Centralized data storage empowers scientists to leverage data mining to identify potential inefficiencies and opportunities for continuous improvement in discovery and development activities.

In addition to making discovery and development services more streamlined with Benchling, AmplifyBio is already reaping benefits using Benchling’s modern Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), streamlining sample management, and Bioanalytics QC testing for GMP plasmid manufacturing. The system allows for real-time data capture and eliminates the need for manual data entry, which is a significant time bottleneck in traditional methods, thus improving process efficiency.

AmplifyBio is further establishing standardized workflows within Benchling to ensure repeatable and traceable processes. Benchling workflows link unit operations and information flow, guaranteeing consistent execution regardless of the operator, even in a dynamic R&D environment. The ability to establish customized workflows specific to each project fosters seamless collaboration and ensures data integrity throughout the R&D lifecycle or product scale-up.

“The integration of Benchling is a game-changer for AmplifyBio’s lab operations and clients. By centralizing data and standardizing workflows, we’re enhancing efficiency and empowering our clients to expedite life-saving research.” Noted Karim Khoury, VP, Information Systems.

AmplifyBio’s implementation of Benchling aligns with its strategic vision of building an ecosystem of tools, technologies, and experts to address industry-wide challenges that cause delays and clinical failures. Benchling’s forward-looking approach to data management aligns perfectly with AmplifyBio’s own commitment to innovation. This integration will empower seamless collaboration and accelerate the development of potentially life-saving therapies.

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