AmplifyBio Manufacturing Enablement Center (AMEC) Opening Soon

AMEC is not a typical CDMO for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. It's a technology- and expertise-infused ecosystem for commercializing advanced therapies with the ultimate flexibility.

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AmplifyBio Expands its Vision: Launches AMEC

AmplifyBio, a leading preclinical CRO and R&D outsourcing partner is announcing the opening of a new business unit to further expand their reach into the manufacturing of next-generation therapies that include cell, gene, mRNA, and other advanced modalities. 

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Discovery, Safety, Characterization, and Manufacturing Partners


AmplifyBio Discovery, Optimization, and Characterization

An outsourced R&D solution for benchmarking next-generation therapeutics


AmplifyBio Safety, Efficacy and Toxicology

A preclinical CRO built for the future on a decades-long foundation of expertise and experience


AmplifyBio Manufacturing Enablement Center

A manufacturing partnership for multiple modalities, offered in flexible contract staffing models to fit varied requirements