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Immunological Testing for Gene Therapy Success

By: Victoria Best Ph.D. In the era of advanced therapies and personalized medicine there is an ever-increasing need for the development of immunological tests that are readily available, standardized in their approach, and affordable. Specialized immunological testing is often required to better understand a particular drug’s potency, stability, mechanism of action, potential off-target effects, and […]

AmplifyBio: Championing Digital Transformation in Advanced Therapy with ValGenesis and Beyond

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For AmplifyBio, adopting a robust digital strategy across our functions goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a strategic imperative. It enables us to provide the efficiencies, protection, and real-time data analysis essential for meeting our clients’ needs. Embracing this digital transformation offers myriad benefits, extending far beyond mere cost savings. Enhanced data integrity, regulatory compliance, and […]

AmplifyBio Expands Its Vision: Launches Advanced Therapy Manufacturing Enablement Center in New Albany, Ohio

NEW ALBANY, Ohio, November 28, 2023 ( – AmplifyBio, a leading contract research organization, is announcing the opening of a new business unit to further expand its reach into the manufacturing of next-generation therapies that include cell, gene, mRNA, and other advanced modalities. The Amplify Manufacturing Enablement Center (AMEC), located 30 minutes from their West […]

Maximizing Data Integrity in Safety Pharmacology Studies: Navigating Pitfalls for Reliable and Interpretable Results

Maximizing Data Integrity in Safety Pharmacology Studies: Navigating Pitfalls for Reliable and Interpretable Results By: Dr. Michael Stonerook Safety pharmacology studies play a crucial role in drug development by assessing new compounds’ potential risks and effects on various physiological systems. However, these studies can encounter several pitfalls that may lead to disruption and compromised data […]

AmplifyBio Pathology Flyer

AmplifyBio Pathology Services Flyer Download Preclinical Pathology Services Flyer Discover the pathology study services available with our latest flyer, and learn how your studies can be empowered with AmplifyBio’s extensive expertise.   Contact Us As an expert contract research organization (CRO), AmplifyBio leverages decades of experience to create modern commercial drug development solutions. From CRO and […]

Advancing Preclinical Research with Modern Data Automation Techniques

Advancing Preclinical Research with Modern Data Automation Techniques The safety, efficacy, and toxicology testing at AmplifyBio (A-SET) often requires the processing of data generated by sophisticated lab instruments, followed by complex biostatistical analysis to achieve the desired results for any given preclinical study. Performing this intricate data analysis requires a considerable amount of effort and […]

AmplifyBio Neuroscience Blog Post

AmplifyBio’s Preclinical Neuroscience Studies: Leveraging Decades of Expertise We’re thrilled to have Deepti Nair, Study Director of neurological studies, answer a few questions about AmplifyBio’s neuroscience capabilities and the potential for the future. Please describe your background in preclinical research and neurology. What led you to AmplifyBio?  I am an experienced behavioral neuroscientist with a […]

AmplifyBio Neuroscience Flyer

AmplifyBio Flyer – Neurobehavioral Assessment & Analysis A Comprehensive Suite of Neurobehavioral Services AmplifyBio offers a complete and comprehensive neurobehavioral testing package for safety pharmacology and drug development. Download the flyer to learn more about how we can help you achieve your research goals. Contact Us AmplifyBio couples dedicated testing and related CRO services with […]

AmplifyBio Neuroscience Posters

AmplifyBio Preclinical Neuroscience Posters Preclinical Neuroscience Study Posters Download the following three posters: Simultaneous Assessment of Heart Rate and Sensory Motor Gating Under Positive and Negative Controls in the Startle Response Test Pharmacological Impacts on Cardiovascular Output and Performance in Neurobehavioral Tasks Behavioral and Pharmacological Interactions on Heart Rate and Performance on the Rotarod Endurance […]

AmplifyBio Inhalation Poster

AmplifyBio Inhalation ISAM 2023 Poster Download the Poster Presented by AmplifyBio at the International Society of Aerosols in Medicine Meeting In this poster, AmplifyBio examines an approach to estimate the mass of aerosolized fluorescent particles deposited in the lung of the rat by inhalation using a whole-body spectrometer using IRDye 800CW Carboxylate, biologically inert, as […]